We strongly encourage migrant-entrepreneurs, who have settled and operate in the Poznań district to take part in the Competition for the Title of THE POZNAŃ ENTREPRENEURSHIP LEADER.

Every entrepreneur, regardless the nationality or citizenship, has a chance to become THE POZNAŃ ENTREPRENEURSHIP LEADER.

The migrants taking part in the competition can operate their enterprise in different branches and size, regardless the legal or organisational form of the business.

This cyclical and free of charge Competition is organized by The President of the City of Poznań, Poznań District Governor, President of the International Fairs in Poznań and President of the Economic Council of the Greater Poland Province.

Prizes in 4 categories: The participants of the Competition can be a micro, small or medium enterprise or a start up. The winner of each of 4 categories obtains an attractive prize!!

Awards for the best migrant-entrepreneurs: Special Awards (with an additional prize) for the best migrant-entrepreneurs in each of 4 categories of the Competition will be given.

Course of the competition :

* from 08 January to 28 January submission of the competition documentation

* 21 April 2015 announcement of the Winners of the Competition and the Award Ceremony ( The Award Ceremony will be held within the Days of Eentrepreneurship

The condition of taking part in the Competition is on-time submission of the competition documentation ( in 2015 – to 28 February) which is the filled in application form with the attachments.

The active support of the competition application to the interested migrants will be given by the workers od Migrant info Point.

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